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XML for Flash

From the back cover

XML is an important technology that allows people and applications to share data in self-describing documents. Many software packages support XML data exchange, and most major databases can share information using XML. Therefore, an understanding of XML is essential for anyone working in web development.

And this includes Flash! You can load external XML data and include it within your Flash movies, and also send XML content from Flash in a flexible XML framework to create visually appealing and usable rich Internet applications.

In this book, Sas Jacobs shows you how. She first introduces XML and related technologies, and then covers the different ways that Flash can work with XML content, including the XML class, data components, XML sockets, and web services.

Throughout the book, you will build many different fully functional examples, including an MP3 player, an XML photo gallery, an address book manager, and an XML-driven chat application. Some of these examples utilize Office 2003 for the PC and ASP.NET or PHP.

You should read this book if you're a Flash designer or developer and you have a basic understanding of ActionScript. The book supports Flash 8, but much of the content is suitable for any version of Flash from 5 up. Whether you're new to XML or ActionScript, or an experienced Flash developer, Foundation XML for Flash is essential reading.

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Practical XML for the Web

You've heard the hype and the excitement - now here's a book that brings practicality to the party. In context, but avoiding lengthy history lessons, we show you why XML is great to get into, and how to get up and running with it quickly. Using XML appropriately can make your markup future-proof and standards-compliant, enhance accessibility and usability, and allow data to be shared between almost any language/platform combinations and rendered in any future browsers.
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