Object-Oriented Programming with PHP5

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In this book, you'll learn:

  • to understand the OOP features of PHP clearly
  • to write manageable code
  • some of the most widely used Design Patterns in PHP
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern
  • to create objects and defining their properties and methods
  • to use the new MySQL API also known as MySQLi
  • about the huge repository named the Standard PHP Library
  • to design your own unit tests successfully by using PHPUnit
PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects

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A mashup is a web page or application that combines data from two or more external online sources into an integrated experience. This book is your entryway to the world of mashups and Web 2.0. You will create PHP projects that grab data from one place on the Web, mix it up with relevant information from another place on the Web and present it in a single application. All the mashup applications used in the book are built upon free tools and are thoroughly explained. You will find all the source code used to build the mashups in the code download section on our website.

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development

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CodeIgniter (CI) is a powerful open-source PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is an MVC framework, similar in some ways to the Rails framework for Ruby, and is designed to enable, not overwhelm.

ImageMagick Tricks

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This fast-paced and practival tutorial is packed with examples of photo manipulations, logo creation, animations, and complete web projects. With this book up your sleeve, you'll be creating spellbinding images from code in no time.

PHP for Dreamweaver 8

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Want to add the power of a database to your websites? Build online forms that send feedback straight to your inbox? Incorporate live news feeds and XML data into your web pages? This book shows you how to do all that and more.
Dreamweaver 8 takes a lot of the hard work out of integrating a database into your websites, but it can’t do everything. So instead of just giving you a series of instructions to click this and click that, this book helps you understand what’s going on in the background. As a result, you’re more likely to remember and to get it right.

Most books on PHP concentrate on code and throw all design considerations out the window. This one is different. It makes use of Dreamweaver 8’s vastly improved CSS rendering, and shows you how to build a site that’s smart in both senses of the word. It looks good and is intelligent too. You’ll learn how to change the entire look of the site, using PHP to serve up different stylesheets each month. You’ll also build a contact form protected against email injection attacks. All of Dreamweaver’s PHP server behaviors are put through their paces, and you’ll even make some custom server behaviors that will come in useful on any site you create.

Two chapters take you through the setup process with step-by-step instructions for both Windows and Mac OS X, helping you make the right choices: Apache or IIS? Remote or local testing? There are even instructions on how to set up virtual hosts on your own computer. And in the unlikely event that things go wrong, there’s plenty of troubleshooting advice too.

Beginning PHP5

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About the book
With Beginning PHP5 you'll learn everything about the latest version of PHP. It starts with hot to install and configure PHP. Then it will teach you the basics of PHP up to constructing complex data-driven sites.

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide

When static HTML pages no longer cut it, you need to step up to dynamic, database-driven sites that represent the future of the Web. In PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide, the author of best-selling guides to both the database program (MySQL) and the scripting language (PHP) returns to cover the winning pair in tandem - the way users work with them today to build dynamic sites using Open Source tools.

PHP Basics For Visual Learners

This book helps non-programmers learn the basics of PHP programming. 142 screenshots and graphics show how to:

        • Learn the basics: Create, upload, and test simple scripts.
        • Work with variables: Work with single variables, lists of variables.
        • Work with numbers: Add, subtract, multiply and divide. Create random numbers.
        • Employ logic and loops: Employ conditional if/and/or logic, create loops.
        • Use forms and user functions: Create user functions, pass form inputs to scripts.
        • Work with files: Create, append to, and modify text files.
PHP Basics For Visual Learners is a book that teaches you the very first basics of PHP, the way of doing that is by using a great amount of images and pictures. According to Visibooks there aren't many books that teach the very basics of PHP and I think they are right. Because of the visualizations, the book will teach you the basics in a very fast way. The plus is that you learn a lot in a small time period because you can browse trough the book much faster than a normal book. A small downside is that the information takes up a lot of space so your thick book (180 pages) does contain less information then a standard book format

For who is this book? This book will teach you the very basics of PHP, and is therefore best suited for users that make a first start with PHP, and never used a similar programming language before. As already said, the visuals will help those to pick up methods in this program very easily.

The book covers basic topics such as Installing an FTP program, Create Simple scripts, variables, working with numbers, forms&user functions, logic&loops and working with files.

Dreamweaver MX: Advanced PHP Web Development

This book is the follow-up to Dreamweaver MX: PHP Web Development from glasshaus – the book described as "the VERY best book I have ever seen dealing with databases and web programming." By Matt Brown, the Dreamweaver Community Manager at Macromedia.

But you don't need to have read that book; any experience of developing PHP sites with Dreamweaver MX or Ultradev is a great starting point. This book takes your PHP sites beyond the functions provided by server behaviors. It teaches you PHP, from the syntax to full applications, from the point of view of a Dreamweaver user.

The chapters take you from basic syntax through to developing full applications, teaching the basic functionality, then showing you how to use it in real-world examples.

Two practical case studies are included: An on-line training log and a complete content management system

Programming PHP

Simply beautiful! This book is well written and an extremely easy read. The coverage is very very comprehensive yet concise! O'reilly really did it this time!  If you were worried about dragging through another 1400 page wrox book just to get up to speed, you will want to run and get this book.  You will pick up PHP fast with no delay.