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DWMX Dynamic Applications: Advanced Training From the Source

Through the graphics-intensive, self-paced tutorials that form the heart of this popular series, Bardzell takes you through everything you need to know to start designing dynamic, database-driven sites using the powerful new tools available in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Read More

Macromedia MX eLearning: Advanced Training from the Source

While most Web development and graphics software books assume that the reader is a commercial designer/developer, Macromedia MX eLearning: Advanced Training From the Source explicitly assumes that the reader is developing educational/training applications.

The four projects in this book walk users, step-by-step, through the development of sophisticated, interactive Web sites, using multiple technologies, including CSS, DHTML, Flash, ActionScript, databases, SQL, and ColdFusion. These include a branching application, DHTML quizzes, an interactive video software simulation, and interactive map of Dante's Inferno, as well as a testing/transcript environment, including login as well as Flash-database interaction.

The book is full of graphics and explanations to ensure that readers understand everything that is happening. Key programming concepts, such as events, functions, and branching structures are introduced. Readers also learn the architecture behind database-driven sites, including passing variables between pages and maintaining application state.

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CourseBuilder f/x & Design

This book deals specifically with the CourseBuilder extension, and the Learning Site command. It is intended for graphic designers, Web designers as well as programmers. The book contains 15 chapters, and several appendices. The accompanying CD-ROM contains templates for the projects, as well as learning objectives and design constraints for the major projects. There are also extra projects and sources files. Read More