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Client-Side Reporting with Visual Studio in C#

From the Back Cover

In this book, you'll learn:

    *Discover the huge potential and utility of client-side reporting.
    *See how to use Report Builder and Report Viewer like a pro.
    *Master reporting with Windows Forms, ASP.NET 2.0 Web Forms, and Mobile Clients.
    *Learn how to automate reports with Windows Services.
    *Explore server-side Reporting Services and consume them from local clients.
    *Move from Crystal Reports to Reporting Services.

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ASP.NET Tips & Techniques

Master ASP.NET using this resource filled with precise, proven techniques from today’s industry experts. Inside you’ll find quick and concise solutions that can be put to immediate use easily and effectively. Organized by topic and packed with critical information this is a must-have guide for every ASP.NET developer. Read More

ASP.NET: The Complete Reference

Get the comprehensive low-down on all seven built-in .NET Framework namespaces--plus plenty of other useful information for developers, including relevant topics like security, Web services, database development, application deployment, and more. Read More

Instant ASP.NET Applications

This is the ultimate collection of ready-to-use code and expert techniques for developing ASP.NET applications. The book covers all the new features, syntax, and structure of ASP.NET and presents solutions for a wide range of ASP.NET applications, including company intranet applications, an online store, chat rooms, and more. The bonus CD-ROM contains all the source code from the book, ready-to-run. Read More

ASP.NET Developer's Guide

Best-selling author and ASP expert Greg Buzcek shows you all you need to know to master ASP .NET -- the widely-anticipated, next generation of Microsoft's Active Server Pages. Also, on the CD-ROM, you'll find all the code from the book, as well as bonus application solutions not found inside the book. Read More