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Need CSS Image Gallery to respond to resizing when in a div. - inside of a div.!

Asked 20 Oct 2014 00:12:32
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20 Oct 2014 00:12:32 George Gray posted:
Need CSS Image Gallery to respond to resizing when in a div. - inside of a div.!


How do I up-date the extension I already own?


Replied 20 Oct 2014 08:00:56
20 Oct 2014 08:00:56 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hi George,
Unfortunately CSS Image Gallery is not responsive. It uses a fixed width/height.
Replied 20 Oct 2014 15:47:26
20 Oct 2014 15:47:26 George Gray replied:
10-20-14 USA 8:44am - Pacific Coast - Los Angeles CA
Thank You for responding to my question.

Next question;
#1 - what is the exact size including verticals - horizontals and thumbs or where can I look-up the dimensions for the CSS Image Gallery.

question #2;
Do I have the most updated version of the extension?
How do I up-grade an extension.
Replied 20 Oct 2014 15:52:11
20 Oct 2014 15:52:11 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello George,
The size of the gallery is what you specify it to be..
Please download, install and open the DMXzone Extension Manager- www.dmxzone.com/go/22670/dmxzone-extension-manager-for-dreamweaver -> it is the easiest way to keep the extensions up to date.
Replied 21 Oct 2014 05:05:24
21 Oct 2014 05:05:24 George Gray replied:
Hello Teodor,
Got it.
Is it possible to turn the thumb nails off?
Replied 12 Nov 2014 16:49:53
12 Nov 2014 16:49:53 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Please update to www.dmxzone.com/go/22896/css-image-gallery-2 - now it is fully responsive!
Replied 18 Nov 2014 04:09:37
18 Nov 2014 04:09:37 George Gray replied:
Got it. Downloaded 11-16-14

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