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Does this work with the Fluid Grid Layouts of CS6?

Asked 10 Jul 2012 16:45:41
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10 Jul 2012 16:45:41 Peter Worsley posted:
I am struggling to find a good Menu system for use with the Fluid Grid Layouts of CS6 that support mobile and tablet sizes as well as full screen. How well does the Universal CSS Navigation menu system handle CS6?


Replied 11 Jul 2012 06:45:15
11 Jul 2012 06:45:15 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
Hello Peter,

It depends on what exactly do you need to achieve?
Please check the following demo: www.dmxzone.com/go/19875/dreamweaver-cs6-meets-dmxzone-extensions/
Here i used the Universal CSS Navigation Menu.
Replied 11 Jul 2012 13:43:14
11 Jul 2012 13:43:14 Peter Worsley replied:
Can the Menu have more than one level when using the Fluid Grid Layout? Your demo does not make that clear?
Replied 11 Jul 2012 13:57:18
11 Jul 2012 13:57:18 Teodor Kuduschiev replied:
yes, it can have more than one level, in order to style the menu layout in each view you need some css and media queries knowledge/
Replied 02 Jan 2015 16:27:39
02 Jan 2015 16:27:39 Denis Hoffmann replied:
How can I make the navigation switch to a BIGMAC view?

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