Interface Widgets: Datagrid (part I)

Whether you use the web for shopping or banking, blogging or content management, every once in a while you stumble across an interface widget that makes you wonder: “how the heck do they do it?”

One of those widgets is the datagrid that looks and behaves like your datagrid /spreadsheet in a desktop application: scrollable with static headers, selectable rows and editable cells, sortable columns and other “desktop-like” features.
In this and the following articles of the Interface Widgets series you will learn how to create a datagrid like this in Dreamweaver from scratch.

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Although you can use some of the described techniques to “convert” a regular static HTML table into a “datagrid”, some of the advanced features, such as sorting, updating and deleting records within the datagrid, require dynamic content. The back end functionality in this article was implemented using PHP/ MySQL server model. It doesn’t mean however that you can’t use a different one - most of the techniques involved are client-side (CSS, JavaScript)and those that aren’t can be easily adopted for any other server model.

For the purpose of the article we need a working database connection.



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