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Ever wanted to build fancy product pages that you can easily edit online without the need for HTML coding? This tutorial shows you how to build an online catalog with images and a  WYSIWUG editor, it uses the extensions from Advanced HTML Editor Img Bundle ASP v2.

About the bundle
Enrich your forms with a fully customizable Online HTML Editor. Let your users create formatted content without having to know HTML! You can make the editor fit your design by choosing from several predefined designs, add your own style sheets for formatting of the text and more.

Advanced HTML Editor Version 2 is now fully cross browser compatible (mozilla browsers) and offers many new improvements!


»This Tutorial shows you how to convert a text area in one of your forms to a full robust WYSIWUG editor. This tutorial uses Advanced HTML Editor 2.

»The second part shows you how to upload an image, resize it and create thumbnails while inserting a record in the database. This tutorial uses Pure PHP Upload and Smart Image Processor PHP.

»The last part shows you how to add a thumbnail to your product page.

A free tutorial from DMX Tutorials

Aron K

Aron KChief software architect at
SimpleTick is an ASP.Net e-Ticketing Application.
You can install SimpleTick on any Windows 2008 server.
If you are a PHP guru - have no fear. SimpleTick works well with WebHooks. SimpleTick is written in C#.
There's an open source version!

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