A Journey with Fireworks 8

The End

We’ll start our journey with Fireworks by covering the new features and highlights of the recent Fireworks 8 release. Equipped with this knowledge we will delve into more specific topics and techniques.

I have been a Fireworks user since its very first release and I have contributed articles and chapters in various Fireworks publications. You may also have used some of the extensions I’ve written for Fireworks either explicitly by downloading them from my site at www.projectfireworks.com or implicitly since some of them ship with Fireworks. Also, I was the technical editor of the last of the “Fireworks Bible” series by Joe Lowery, but this is the first time that I sit down to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through the users of use of this fine application.

By the end of this series, I hope I will be able to transfer my knowledge to you so you can feel as confident as I am that you will be able to tackle just about any graphics-related tasks with Fireworks successfully.

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The vehicle

We will start this journey by exploring what Fireworks 8 has to offer. This should be helpful for both new and seasoned users. And we will do that by accepting the fact that once again, Fireworks 8 doesn’t come with many new features and none of them are earth shuttering. As with most of the recent releases (probably since Fireworks 4), the focus is in streamlining workflow, improving interoperability with other Studio applications and there has been only a handful of creativity enhancements.

With that said and out of the way, I still believe that Fireworks is the fastest vehicle from concept to output. Whether you want to quickly create a mock, a prototype or simply edit and batch a whole bunch of photos for an online catalog, Fireworks can do it, and in many cases better than just about anything on the market. If you are using Fireworks a lot (as you should), you will appreciate its “small” feature-set very quickly.

So without further delays, let’s start our engines. We have a lot of ground to cover.

Kleanthis Economou

Kleanthis EconomouA web developer/software engineer since 1995 who now specializes in ColdFusion, Java, and Oracle solutions, Kleanthis now works for a n LA-based company where he manages and leads the IT department.

Kleanthis has worked for many years as a freelance consultant, developer, graphics/production guy (not necessarily in that order) with clients that range from small home-based companies to large corporations.

Kleanthis is a contributing author and technical editor of various publications and he enjoys technology, photography, movies, music, technology and technology.

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