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This tutorial shows you how to create dynamic XML that contains filenames stored in a database. The tutorial creates a dynamic XML file for Active Slideshow Pro and enables you to add images from a database.

Note: the generic method used here for creating Dynamic XML files with Dreamweaver apply actually for most database driven xml files. So you can use it not only for the Active Slideshow Pro but also for other xml driven applications like Flash Album Generator and Active Slideshow Basic.


Click on the image below to view the tutorial;

George Petrov

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Great extension & tutorial

January 19, 2006 by Wim Conix

Great extension once I got through the dynamic xml issue, which is well explained in this tutorial to get started. Thanks George.


tutorial and slideshow basic ???

February 7, 2006 by Andy Kalbvleesch
On the bottom of the article it says that this should also work for active slideshow basic... However it doesn't create my xml file tostart out with... I purchased this product because i tought it would be worth the money instead of building the app myself. Now it looks like I have to either buy fireworks or i have to get  I only need the application for a simple presentation of some images and to spent 140 dollar seems a little too much. Please advice what I have to do.

Problems to get it working

December 29, 2006 by Hans Konings
Hi, i use the basic slideshow Active slideshow extension and hoped to get images slide dynamicaly. In my database i added a number of image files (eg. image, image1, image2, etc...) but even with 2 images as a try-out i can't get it working. Images do not load and i see on my load bar Preloading image 1 from 2 but thats it. I directed the dynamic code of the file name in the database to the correct directory but NOGO. Please advise! Thanks in advance

Does this method apply to PHP/mysql model?

February 10, 2007 by mark banks
George, can this be set up to do the same for a PHP/MySql data record? My DB records has fields like this: prod_id, pr_description, pr_image1, pr_caption1, pr_image2, pr_caption1, pr_image3...etc Thanks Mark
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