Free! - Text on Path using Fireworks 8

Have you wondered how to get text to wrap around a curve? How about editing the curve and the text without removing the path? You can do some pretty cool stuff using Fireworks 8. In this movie you'll see how to do all these things plus put text on the top of an ellipse and the bottom!

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Joyce Evans

Joyce EvansJoyce J. Evans Joyce is a training veteran with over 14 years of experience in educational teaching, tutorial development, and Web design. She has been asked to speak at conferences such as Macromedia MAX, TODCON, DESIGN FEST and SEYBOLD.

Joyce has received Editors Choice Awards for her book Fireworks 4 F/X and Design and has authored over 10 books on Fireworks, Dreamweaver and Web Design. Her current offering is a CD "Web Page in a Day" which teaches you how to build a site start to finish.

Joyce was a Team Macromedia Volunteer and now an Adobe Community Professional.

She can be reached at Her Web site is and Idea Design

Joyce lives with her husband, teenage son and daughter, dog, cat and horse, in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. When Joyce isn't working she can be found enjoying the many fruit trees and palms in her yard or at the beach.

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