Import/Export Outlook Contacts in ASP.NET
by Kevin Koch

Import/Export Outlook Contacts in ASP.NET

Integration in applications is quite often a requirement when building larger scale applications. With customers and clients using such a variety of productivity applications there is quite often a need to make use of these other applications within your own, which can cause a headache due to the complexity involved.

One of the more popular productivity suites in use is Microsoft Office. Customers more often than not will want a way to merge their productivity between applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel within your application, which is definitely no easy task.

We’ll be using the built in OleDb data classes for database connectivity and some fairly complex DataSet and DataTable manipulations to accomplish our importing from the CSV file.

Note: Microsoft Outlook, Access and Visual Studio .NET are required to fully complete the entire tutorial. However the code provided will also have value alone if you’re interested in CSV importing.

Both VB.NET and C# code samples will be provided

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Kevin Koch

Kevin KochKevin Koch is a senior software engineer with over 8 years experience designing and architecting primarily web based applications. Fresh out of college during the nineties he co-founded Task Solutions and developed several projects with the then popular classic ASP.

During the Dot Com boom Kevin left his position as president and joined a new venture to build an enterprise insurance claim system build upon J2EE technology. After the Dot Com crash Kevin schooled himself to become an expert with .NET technology and is currently freelancing his ASP.NET skills to build enterprise n-tier frameworks using advanced OO methodologies.

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