Building A Rich Text Editor. Part II
by Alex July


In the previous article of the series we have built some of the functionality for an online Rich Text Editor.

Today we will continue with the development and add more features to the application.

Before we dive into the development I would like to mention something rather important:

In the previous article I have stated that the designMode feature is not compatible with Macintosh Safari browser. One of the readers has pointed out to me that the Safari compatibility has been in place for a while now and the compatible editors are somewhere out there.
Yes, the “good news” is that the designMode feature has been built into Safari since version 1.3.
The bad news, however, is that the support for the feature is very limited and buggy. You have to go out of your way to build the most basic editor features which are limited to approximately 10% of what you can do in other browsers. So, in my personal opinion it’s just not worth the efforts (as you can tell I am not a huge Safari fan).
Now, I must also admit that I haven’t had a chance to test the feature with the newest Safari 2 (which by the way can be installed only on Tiger OS), so if you are using one and have found that the support for the designMode has drastically improved that really is a very good news.

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Alex July

Alex JulyAlex July is a Vancouver-based (Canada, British Columbia) Web Developer/ Graphic Artist who has an extensive experience in both creative realms.
He is also a host of where he is showcasing his skills and sharing experience with the developers community. For the past 3 years Alex has been focusing on the development of Rich Internet Applications using Macromedia Flash technology.

When away from the computer Alex is practicing Martial Arts, playing guitar and enjoying time with his wonderful family.

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