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Tutorial #15 Today we'll add the sortable columns behavior to our master records page, this also know as creating a sortable datagrid.   This is our first step with making our master records page more user friendly.


Extension Details

Sort Repeat Region, V1.7.3 by Tom Muck

As with my other server behaviors, the Sort Repeat Region server behavior is designed to work hand-in-hand with existing Dreamweaver server behaviors, like the Recordset and the Repeat Region. This server behavior will enhance the core set of Dreamweaver MX server behaviors by adding a Sort function to arsenal. The server behavior assumes you are using standard UltraDev or Dreamweaver MX recordsets and repeat regions. When you apply a repeat region to a table row, there is no easy way to sort the results according to the column heading. This server behavior can be applied to a table that has a repeat region on it. The server behavior will automatically create all the code necessary to have clickable links in place of the column headings that will order the recordset by that column. Another click will order in descending order.

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