Working With Mobile ASP.NET Apps – Part 2
by Kevin Koch

In part 1 of this tutorial we reviewed some basic concepts behind mobile development, we created a new mobile web application project and linked to a sample database and reviewed some of the principals behind mobile web forms.

In this second and final part of the series we’ll continue building upon our sample application and put an ObjectList control into practice using our sample data source.

We’ll also look at some of the mysteries behind this control that should help you avoid a lot of R&D and trial and error programming when it comes to rendering tabular data for mobile devices.

Note: Visual Studio .NET running ASP.NET 1.1 is required for this tutorial. Both VB.NET and C# code samples will be provided

ObjectList Confusion

In part 1 we reviewed the properties list of the ObjectList control and found that there were a plethora of properties available to use, yet finding complete documentation on the items is sometimes difficult. Even with the MSDN library itself the examples and explanations sometimes provide little or no help.

To compound the problem, online support and newsgroup discussions on the subject are somewhat scarce. It seems that mobile development is a bit of a hidden art, and you often have no choice but to simply figure things out on your own.

In this section we’ll cover some of the peculiarities of the ObjectList control that should help you avoid a lot of the common exceptions and errors encountered.

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Kevin Koch

Kevin KochKevin Koch is a senior software engineer with over 8 years experience designing and architecting primarily web based applications. Fresh out of college during the nineties he co-founded Task Solutions and developed several projects with the then popular classic ASP.

During the Dot Com boom Kevin left his position as president and joined a new venture to build an enterprise insurance claim system build upon J2EE technology. After the Dot Com crash Kevin schooled himself to become an expert with .NET technology and is currently freelancing his ASP.NET skills to build enterprise n-tier frameworks using advanced OO methodologies.

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