Databases for Beginners with ASP.NET 1.x
by Kevin Koch

Databases for Beginners with ASP.NET 1.x

As a software developer, there will be very few times where you’ll find yourself building an application that does not involve the utilization of a database. The database is the backbone of your application, the root, the foundation, and the place of storage for all meaningful data contained in your software.

A database plus an application go hand in hand, when you speak of an application, it’s just implicitly taken for granted that the database is the core. There are of course many different options when it comes to which database to use for your application.

Years ago, flat files as they are known where commonly found. They were usually quite fast at processing but extremely inflexible, un-scalable, and completely proprietary. If you selected this style of database you were pretty much locked in for life as upgrading was simply not an option.

Oracle, SQL server, dBase, MS Access, MySQL are all commonly found today and are flexible enough to meet most applications needs. The database selected is normally chosen with the operating system in mind. Typically Java and Linux/Unix deployments will select Oracle, and .NET Windows deployments favour SQL server. Both are excellent high-end database servers which can facilitate some of the most complex, large scale applications in the world.

Cost is another factor of deployment. MySQL is a popular choice due to the fact that it’s free, but lacks the enterprise level sparkle found in Oracle and SQL server. MS Access is another cost effective choice and provides a very nice and easy to use feature set for developers.

Whichever database you deploy there are quite a few common components when it comes to developing your application. The first of course is connection, the second is database design fundamentals, and the third is database to application mapping.

The purpose of this tutorial is to explore some of these common concepts at a beginner level, and shed some insight into how to connect to and design your database driven applications.

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Kevin Koch

Kevin KochKevin Koch is a senior software engineer with over 8 years experience designing and architecting primarily web based applications. Fresh out of college during the nineties he co-founded Task Solutions and developed several projects with the then popular classic ASP.

During the Dot Com boom Kevin left his position as president and joined a new venture to build an enterprise insurance claim system build upon J2EE technology. After the Dot Com crash Kevin schooled himself to become an expert with .NET technology and is currently freelancing his ASP.NET skills to build enterprise n-tier frameworks using advanced OO methodologies.

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