Creative Portfolio: Poster Design – Type and Image
by Linda Goin

This article presents the second project in this portfolio series, a poster design that demonstrates your skills at merging type and image elements in an enlarged print format. Linda walks you through the particulars contained within two current poster contests, where you ask about what would work (and possibly win) in each situation. You’ll need to conduct research and work on conceptual design before you create your poster. The information included in this article is relevant to any poster design contest that you enter, and it’s also pertinent to any poster design that you decide to create outside the contest venue.

The Portfolio Project: Poster Design

PORTFOLIO PROJECT: Poster. A poster is typically a printed paper announcement that is publicly displayed and that functions as a promotional tool for a product, an event, or a sentiment or cause through image and text. A poster's principal task is to be noticed: it must attract attention and influence the viewer.

TOOLS: A graphics program that utilizes layers and sometimes Pantone Colours (PMS – Pantone Management System), since this is a print project; sketchbook and notebook for concepts.

WHAT YOU’LL ACCOMPLISH: This tutorial will encourage you to think creatively and analytically about merging type and images in a print design through a brief history about the poster, elements contained within posters, various layout options, and target markets.

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Linda Goin

Linda GoinLinda Goin carries an A.A. in graphic design, a B.F.A. in visual communications with a minor in business and marketing and an M.A. in American History with a minor in the Reformation. While the latter degree doesn't seem to fit with the first two educational experiences, Linda used her 25-year design expertise on archaeological digs and in the study of material culture. Now she uses her education and experiences in social media experiments.

Accolades for her work include fifteen first-place Colorado Press Association awards, numerous fine art and graphic design awards, and interviews about content development with The Wall St. Journal, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, and L.A. Times.

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