Creative Portfolio: Wine Label
by Linda Goin

Why a wine label? Because wine labels are both creative and limited. When you design a wine label, you must consider the shape of the bottle, the colour of the glass and of the wine, and even the texture of the bottle or the label. In addition, you deal with all the elements and principles of design as you meet both marketing problems and government standards. The wine label project will force you to consider type, image, and packaging as you develop both the label and a prototype for your portfolio.

The Portfolio Project: Product Label

PORTFOLIO PROJECT: Wine label. Although this project may seem limited, you might learn that it will allow you to create more product designs for your portfolio as you learn to determine what you need to include and, conversely, what you want to include in your design. Two main issues here focus on legibility and shelf recognition.

TOOLS: Any software that allows you to create and manipulate typefaces through a “character” and “paragraph” option along with image incorporation. Some examples include Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc.

WHAT YOU’LL ACCOMPLISH: This task will force you to think about typefaces as applied to an object that is both difficult to read from a distance and that must be incorporated within a limited space. Additionally, you will begin to look at all packaging in a different light as you begin to notice how designers used type, images, and materials to represent a product.

There’s so much information to relay to you about packaging in general and about wine labels in particular. So, first I’ll give you information about packaging shelf presence across the board; then, I’ll focus on the wine as I offer information about government regulations and marketing particulars and how to make this wine label fit into your portfolio both visually and conceptually.

Once those topics are covered, I’ll dissect a few wine labels to show you why type and image are so important for this project.

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Linda Goin

Linda GoinLinda Goin carries an A.A. in graphic design, a B.F.A. in visual communications with a minor in business and marketing and an M.A. in American History with a minor in the Reformation. While the latter degree doesn't seem to fit with the first two educational experiences, Linda used her 25-year design expertise on archaeological digs and in the study of material culture. Now she uses her education and experiences in social media experiments.

Accolades for her work include fifteen first-place Colorado Press Association awards, numerous fine art and graphic design awards, and interviews about content development with The Wall St. Journal, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, and L.A. Times.

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