Display a Zip Archive of Pictures in a Table with the Zip Processor 3

In this movie we will show you how easily you can upload a zip archive of pictures and then display them in a table with the Zip Processor 3.0, File Genie, and Pure ASP Upload 3.


Kiril Iliev

Kiril IlievKiril Iliev started his career as a PR manager for a Bulgarian game software company and later on started working for Dynamic Zones - the company behind the zones network.

He has written a lot of articles for one of the biggest computer magazines in Bulgaria - PC Mania.

He works on various projects including PHP, CSS, and ASP scripting and is support specialist at DMXzone.com.

As of April, 2008 Kiril is acting as Research and Development Manager, researching the trends in the new technologies, especially Silverlight and LINQ implementation

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