Universal CSS Navigation Menu: Advanced CSS Styling
by Patrick Julicher

The Universal CSS Navigation Menu comes with multiple great designs that can be used to fit a menu into a website. However some times you need just a bit more CSS Styling to make them fully fit your site.

This tutorial describes the way to add or edit CSS classes to customize the Universal CSS Navigation Menu.

3.Explanation of styles

Each standard setup of the menu contains the default css file named dmxNavigationMenu.css which can be found in the \Styles\ folder in the root of your website. When no other design is chosen, this is used to determine the style of the menu.

For each of the standard styles that come with the menu, a specific css file is created when choosing that design from the Extension Window or the Properties Inspector. These files can be found at this location: \Styles\dmxNavigationMenu\standard_design\standard_design.css.

Within the default CSS file, all classes start with .dmxNavigationMenu. All the classes in the predefined designs start with .dmxNavigationMenu.standard_design, where standard_design is the name of the selected design.

All of the examples use the names of the default CSS style. If one of the predefined styles is edited, all the names need to be replaced with the name of that specific style.

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