Online Page Editor Add-on Manual

Detailed information about the usage of Online Page Editor Add-on

This is the Online Page Editor Add-on manual page, where you can find useful information about how to work with the Add-on, set the security settings and how to connect it to Advanced HTML Editor 3.

This Add-on works only with Advanced HTML Editor 3


Tutorial: Basic Usage of Online Editor Add-on with FTP Saving

In this tutorial we will show you how to insert the Online Page Editor Add-on on your page with FTP saving.

*You can also check out the video.

How to do it

  1. For this tutorial we'll use the Interior Design Template, available for free in our Templates section.

  1. Click on the Online Page Editor Add-on icon in order to bring up the dialog.

  1. Once the Online Page Editor Add-on window opens, we can set it up. For this tutorial we will use the default Special Key combination that will enable the editing mode in the browser.

  1. Uncheck (1) the Use Dreamweaver Editable Regions check box and select (2) the Use Specific IDs: check box.  Now, we will add the IDs (3) of the div containers that we want to be editable.

  1. Setting up the Page Edit Security settings is really easy. All we do is enter a username and a password, which will enable the page editing in the browser.

  1. Check the Save Files with FTP (1) if you want to enable the usage of FTP connection so that a copy of the edited files is saved automatically.  Now, we will set the Advanced HTMl Editor 3 options (2).

  1. Here, you can set up the editor appearance with the many options available. When you're done click OK. This is how easily you can insert the Online Page Editor Add-on on your page.

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