Online Page Editor Add-on Manual

Detailed information about the usage of Online Page Editor Add-on

This is the Online Page Editor Add-on manual page, where you can find useful information about how to work with the Add-on, set the security settings and how to connect it to Advanced HTML Editor 3.

This Add-on works only with Advanced HTML Editor 3


Tutorial: Using Online Page Editor Add-on without FTP on Windows IIS Server

In this tutorial we will show you how to insert the Online Page Editor Add-on on your page and how to set up the Page Edit Security setting on Windows IIS server.

*You can also check out the video.

How to do it:

  1. We need to go to our server and set up the write permissions for files and folders that we will be editing. We will use IIS on windows. Right click the file(s) or folder(s) that you will be editing and click properties.

  1. When the left_sidebar.html properties window opens, select the Security tab (1). Select the IIS_IUSRS (2) and click the Edit button (3).

  1. The Permissions window opens. Select the IIS_IUSRS for IIS7 / IUSR_xxx for IIS 5 and IIS 6 (1), enable the Allow check box (2), click the Apply button (3) and the OK button (4).

*For Linux/Unix Apache you can check out this video.

  1. Now you can save and preview your work in a browser!

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