Nivo Slider with RSS Feeds & Lightbox Bundle

Feed your Nivo Slider with images and preview them in a lightbox

With this great collection of DMXzone extensions you can feed your Nivo Slider with images and preview them in a lightbox



DMXzone Lightbox

Great looking photos in a modal stylish popup

Ever wanted to open your great looking photos in a modal stylish popup, catch the user's full attention? Meet the DMXzone Lightbox - It offers amazing Lightbox popup designs that catch the eye and amaze the user with its slick designs and easy usage!

The DMXzone Lightbox has been created with fully customizable design presets allowing you to explore your creativity and fit the Lightbox perfectly into your site design. With a single click you can add Lightbox functionality to any existing elements like images, links or forms! With the build-in DMXzone Resizer the Lightbox will directly resize your images, create thumbnails and even combine images in galleries, while getting a live preview of the Lightbox inside Dreamweaver. Enjoy your great Lightbox designed and drawn specifically for you.

The DMXzone Lightbox is the first ever Canvas based Lightbox control! With Canvas the design of your Lightbox is fully drawn online! No more including weird corner images to make it look good!

The extension has been discontinued, please get DMXzone Lightbox 2 

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Feed Genie

Get your favorite feeds as Data Sources!

Get your favorite feeds as Data Sources directly in Dreamweaver! Now you can add the feed fields directly from the Data bindings panel to your page and any tag attributes as dynamic data! Use Feed Genie Repeater to display all the feed entries exactly the way you want. Choose from the many supplied standard feeds like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Picasa but customize them with your own filters!

As the Feed Genie creates Dreamweaver Data Bindings, you can also use it in combination with any other standard Dreamweaver extension as well as the DMXzone extensions such as HTML5 Image Enhancer, DMXzone Lightbox and many others. You can even add a cool paging to the Feed Genie records with the DMXzone Paginator!

The extension has been deprecated. Please get HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Server Connect!

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DMXzone Nivo Slider

The most awesome jQuery image slider now as Dreamweaver extension

Present your images in a fantastic slider with the choice of 16 unique transition effects. Supplied with many awesome CSS skins and great looking navigation control, the DMXzone Nivo Slider can be customized through the CSS to fit any website design perfectly.

No more tweaking your images to have the right size and making thumbnails manually - the integrated DMXzone Resizer comes to the rescue and with a single click it slices all the images to the right size, generates large size for the DMXzone Lightbox and small cropped size for thumbnails.

You can also create slideshows from dynamic source such as recordset or an RSS/ATOM Feed fetched with Feed Genie, it's all up to you.

How to: Styling the DMXzone Nivo Slider: Style your DMXzone Nivo Slider's thumbnails, captions, bullets and arrows by color and size, you can do that through the CSS.

This version has been discontinued, please get DMXzone Nivo Slider 3

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Product: Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC+

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