Nivo Slider Review by Günter Schenk
by Günter Schenk

In this review Günter Schenk will investigate the quality and usage of the DMXzone Nivo Slider from DMXzone. He will show you how to create a Nivo Slider driven slideshow in less than 5 minutes.

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Creating a Nivo Slider driven slideshow in less than 5 minutes
Make sure to setup your site in Dreamweaver first before creating a page, if you don't know how to do this please read this

Customizing the default appearance of a slideshow
Deploy the extension in four easy steps

Example : modifying the Caption styles
If you´re like me, one of the very first details you want to adapt to your page design is the default appearance of the slideshow captions. When implementing the slideshow into the page I had no idea about where to start, but thanks to Dreamweavers awesome "Live Code" and "Live View" features I happened to identify three CSS classes starting with – please don´t laugh - "nivo-caption".

Günter Schenk

Günter SchenkSince 1999 Günter Schenk, a german web designer, PHP developer and former musician, has manufactured professional and profitable websites for a broad range of german and international clientele such as real estate, tourism, industry or craft producers.

In 2007 Günter Schenk, who personally prefers developing client-specific solutions over reselling/adapting the usual CMS "bulk good" anytime, has been nominated Adobe Community Professional (ACP) for Dreamweaver. This nomination has been annually extended to this year.

After reviewing his efforts to support the German-speaking Dreamweaver user community, in June 2011 the German Adobe Usergroup staff invited him as Co-Moderator for their forums.

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