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Build Web Forms In a Few Clicks

Create contact, subscription, reservation and various other forms online

Design your forms fully visual in Dreamweaver and make sure that they are securely validated. Building web forms and having a powerful validation might not seem such a big deal, but it is truly crucial not only for your website security, but also for a good user experience. 

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DMXzone Server Connect

Next Generation Server Side Visual Programming without coding
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HTML5 Form Validator

The most powerful HTML5 client and server side validation

The goal of web form validation is to ensure that the user provided necessary and properly formatted information needed to successfully complete an operation. The easiest way to achieve this is by using our next generation HTML5 Form Validator. It will give your users the power to avoid mistakes while they're filling out the data. The most common method to warn them is with a message, what they did wrong or hint them what the input should be.

The extension is supplied with 37 validation rules to cover everything from simple e-mail, URL, dates, credit card numbers and ranges to more complicated such as multiple rules for a single input. You can even use your own regular expression rules! HTML5 Form Validator works like a charm with all our server extension and especially with the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer.

In addition, an iron strong server side validation is automatically done with the tight integration with the DMXzone Server Connect. So there is no escape even if people bypass the browser client side validation, data on the server is always validated!
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HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on

Allow Unicode in your form inputs
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DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer

Create amazing Bootstrap 3 forms for your website or app
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DMXzone Bootstrap 3

Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
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Advanced protection for your website from spam and automated abuse

The newest generation DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 offers both client and server side validation and is the ultimate spam protector from spam bots and automatically generated program attacks.

DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 is based on the Google CAPTCHA API and therefore a smart analysis engine determines if you're human. No more annoying distorted texts. With just a single click your users can verify their human nature. 

Thanks to the great integration with DMXzone Server Connect, you can add a powerful server side validation as well. Secure your login and registration forms, posts, emails or any other form from spam bots and worms.

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HTML5 Data Bindings

Design interactive, data driven dynamic web sites and apps
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