DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter

With almost 100 included formatters, DMXzone App Connect Data Formatter is the must have Dreamweaver extension if you want to format your client side data any way you want. It's greatly integrated with DMXzone App Connect and all formats are available within the app connect panel.

Among others you have access to vast collections of highly useful formats for conversion, operation, date and time, general, conditional, transform, manipulation and analise, which can be applied on any value, array or object. 
- OR -

Table data manipulations, sorting and filtering

A hand-full collections for various client side data handling

Super fast search in text

Allow your users great end results with fuzzy search

Extended date & time formatting and calculations

Combine date and time formatters with advanced estimation

Advanced calculations with your data

Arithmetic calculations for all your running totals


Conversion formatters for client side data

The collection allows you to convert input to a string, lower case, to date and many more.

Operation formatter for client side data

With this collection you can do various arithmetic calculations for your running totals.

Date and Time formatters for client side data

The available formatters allow you to add years, months, weeks and even the most popular date formatting.

Conditional formatters for client side data

Choose among the available formatters to perform different actions for different conditions.

Transform formatters for client side data

Apply advanced filters to a string. From camelize, slugify and titlecase to humanize, it's all possible in this collection.

Manipulation formatters for client side data

You can choose between a large number of formatters for client side data manipulation. For example, you can smart truncates a string to a specific length respecting the word boundaries and adding an additional character to indicate more content like ...

Analise client side data formatter

The word count formatter counts the the number of used words. It's highly useful if you want your users to not exceed the number of words on your forms.


Product: Dreamweaver CC+
Required Extensions: DMXzone App Connect


Version 1.0.0

  • First release!

George Petrov

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