Compression results

August 15, 2003 by Eric Lund

Nice review.  I also recently did some tests with httpZip and thought it was a pretty good product.  Their support was great and very helpful.

However, one point that is easy to miss is how compression will affect your actual bandwidth usage.  I had httpZip set up to only compress HTML pages (leaving images, etc. uncompressed).  httpZip reports that it was saving 30% bandwidth which was true.  But this % savings is really 30% of that bandwidth that HTML files use.  Since HTML files make up about 30% of my total bandwidth, the reduction in TOTAL bandwidth usage was more like 10%. 

I just thought I'd point that out so that people out there don't think they'll be seeing a TOTAL Bandwidth reduction of 35%-40%. 

RE: Compression results

August 20, 2003 by George Petrov
We really saved 30% of the total bandwidth. Html/asp files were compressed by 80% so it is not only html compression I'm talking about. The total compression is about 30% because other types of files were compressed (like WAV, BMP) that are less well compressed.

willt this be availeble for apache also?

August 21, 2003 by Peter Van Laer

will this plugin be available for apache to?


Ping your website

June 10, 2008 by will mr
One thing not mentioned is memory preasure on a webserver. Most servers host 100’s of websites & if yours is not one of the most popular then your code will not be in memory. A popular method to get around this is to ping your web site. This will keep the site in the servers memory and keep your site responsive. I use a free service called Site Stalker ( They also collect stats on how often your site has outages and average response times.