Flash MX 2004 Forms

With the release of Flash MX 2004 there are a large number of additional UI (user interface) components available. Not only are there more components available, but they can now easily interact with one another.

In today's tutorial we will start by taking a look at the new components that are available and how to use them. Most of the new form components are available in Flash MX 2004 Professional only, and you will therefore need to have access to the trial version of Flash MX 2004 Professional to try out the examples.

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Table of Content:

  • New components
  • Label
  • TextInput
  • TextArea
  • NumericStepper
  • Alert
    • Adding the Alert Component to the Library
    • Instantiating the Alert
  • DateChooser
  • DateField
  • Conclusion

Allan Kent

Allan KentAllan comes from Cape Town, South Africa. He has been implicated in writing for several WROX, glasshaus, Wiley and Apress publications, generally in the 'cool stuff that PHP can do' sections.

You can catch up with him at his website http://www.mediafrenzy.co.za.

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