Non-tested Examples

December 8, 2003 by James O'Reilly

The artitcle seemed useful enough but the C# examples were riddled with errors.  I skipped over the VB examples so I'm not sure about those.

Two examples of C# errors are:

  1. page 4: first example should read "new PersonsName()" not "new PersonsFirstName()" as that was not the name of the class you created in your example on page 3
  2. page 6: missing { to start the WebForm1 class

I'm only up to page 6 so far but not a good sign.  I would hardly care about little things like this, but to expect people to pay per article like I did, one should expect a higher level of accuracy.

RE: Non-tested Examples

December 9, 2003 by Martha Graham

The code has been updated.

Martha Graham

Still full of errors

August 9, 2004 by tom gibbons
I followed the C# examples and wasn't impressed with the number of errors. Even after the code was apparently updated. I would think again about paying for premium content is this is the level of accuracy put into articles.

RE: Still full of errors

August 9, 2004 by Kevin Marshall
What error did you find?
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