Using the .NET Collection Classes Part 2

This tutorial is the final part of a 2 part series on .NET Collections, and focuses on a real world use for the ArrayList class. It will demonstrate how to use an ArrayList collection to display all the image files stored in a directory as well as display each image file’s associated file information. The display layout of the images and data is handled using a DataList control. The image browser will also utilize classes in Namespaces other than System.Collections to incorporate paging, providing the end user with a mechanism to view a specific number of images per page view and also to display image specific file system information. 
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This tutorial will cover the following topics:
  • A recap of the ArrayList Class
  • An Introduction to the DataList
  • DataBinding an ArrayList to a DataList
  • An Introduction to the PagedDataSource Class
  • Implementing Paging
  • An Introduction to the System.Drawing.Image Class
  • Extracting Image dimensions

Kevin Marshall

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