Using HTML for Presentation

In this second in the "Cornerstones of Dreamweaver Design" series, Molly shows you how to use Dreamweaver to make presentational HTML. If you really want to understand Dreamweaver MX and web site design, you have to learn how to do this, even if it’s not the recommended method anymore. Chances are you will find yourself in many instances having to use HTML for presentation rather than CSS, and in all fairness to our profession, that you know it now rather than later will provide you with an understanding of why we prefer CSS. It's also useful if you find yourself updating an old non-CSS web site that you've made before you started to use Dreamweaver.

This tutorial can be used with Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX 2004.
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Table of Content:

  • Setting Properties with HTML or XHTML vs. CSS
  • Working with Page Properties
  • Exploring the Properties Window
  • Adding the Page Title
  • Working with Backgrounds
    • Setting a Background Colour
    • Setting Background Images
  • Adding Text Colour
    • Changing the Text Colour
    • Managing Link Colours
    • Setting Link Colours
  • Working with Page Margins
    • Setting Page Margins
  • Changing Document Encoding
  • Okay, Back to CSS . . .

molly holzschlag

molly holzschlagCoined "one of the greatest digerati" and deemed one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women on the Web, there is little doubt that in the world of Web design and development, Molly E. Holzschlag is one of the most vibrant and influential people around. With over 25 Web development book titles to her credit, Molly currently serves as Communications Director for the World Organization of Webmasters.

As a steering committee member for the Web Standards Project (WaSP), Molly works along with a group of other dedicated Web developers and designers to promote W3C recommendations. She also teaches Webmaster courses for the University of Arizona, University of Phoenix, and Pima Community College. She wrote the very popular column, Integrated Design, for Web Techniques Magazine for the last three years of its life, and spent a year as Executive Editor of

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