Using System.Data.DataSet Part 2
by Kevin Marshall
This stand-alone article expands upon the previous article by showing you how to populate a DataTable with other types of Data and how to programmatically insert DataTables into a DataSet.  We also cover the DataTable class's Expression property and its Compute method, which make calculating totals from your data much easier. Finally we will see how to save DataSet contents to XML files and then load the XML Data back into a DataSet -  a very handy feature when you need to transfer DataSets to another computer, or the same computer at a later date whilst preserving the Dataset’s structure and data.
The following topics are covered in this article:
  • Populating a DataTable with other types of Data
  • Programmatically Inserting the DataTable into a DataSet
  • An introduction to the DataColumn class
  • The DataTable Compute method
  • Saving DataSet Data as XML Data
  • Reloading Saved XML Data into a DataSet
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