Rough Guide to CSS Hacks
by Matt Machell

If you keep hearing about the Box Model Hack, or wondering why your site seems to flash with unstyled content before settling down, or just want to make rollovers using only one image, this tutorial is for you - it's about using the more common CSS hacks, so that your pages will degrade gracefully.

We know that in the real world things aren't perfect, so we go for the best we can, and filter out the incompatible bits with some clever pieces of code that exploit browser glitches or lack of CSS support.

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A Rough Guide to CSS Hacks

To Hack or not to Hack?

Checking it all works

Hide and Seek

Hiding from Netscape Navigator 4

Hiding from Internet Explorer 4

Hiding From Internet Explorer 6 or less

Staying Centered

Problems with the Box Model

Rollovers Using Only One Image

Bringing it all together


Matt Machell

Matt MachellA man of many talents, Matt has been a web designer, technical editor, and jewellery picker. He is currently on contract for the Birmingham City University, producing pages for research centres.

He has tech-edited a dozen books on web design and development for glasshaus, Apress and Sitepoint.

He likes music with loud guitars and games with obscure rules.

His website can be found at:

He lives in Birmingham with his girlfriend, Frances, and a horde of spider plants.

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