Using ASP.NET List Controls
by Kevin Marshall
This tutorial will explain how to correctly use the ASP.NET List Controls. These comprise of three types of control, DropDownList, ListBox and HTMLSelect. During the course of this tutorial you will learn how to bind dynamic data such as Database contents and how these controls can interact with events and other controls on your page. A common problem associated with using these controls in Dreamweaver where the selected item often ends up being the first item in the list after a postback is solved. How to manually insert, delete and pre-select items in a list controls is also shown.
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  • An introduction to the available list controls
  • An introduction to the ListItem class
  • The DropDownList Control
  • The ListBox Control
  • The HTMLSelect Control
  • Defining the items of a list control
  • Programmatically Adding items to a list control
  • Programmatically Inserting items into a list control
  • Programmatically Selecting items in a list control
  • Programmatically Removing items from a list control
  • Binding Database content to a list control
  • Binding collections (Arrays) to a list control
  • A Common problem and solution
  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin MarshallI live in Perth, Scotland and am senior programmer with Ltd. I have been involved in computer programming since 1990, web based programming using ASP since 1997 and have been building ASP.NET applications since ASP.NET Beta 2 was released.

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