PHP: Site Registration and Confirmation Completed Support

Over the last two tutorials, we have been building up a user registration and validation system using as much of Dreamweaver's built in functionality as possible. We have built our database and created a form with validation for capturing the users' details, and then sent the user a confirmation email and written a script that tests for a human user and validates them against the database. We also wrote a small script that lets us test our system without having to send emails all over the place. This week we'll finish off our system by creating a small addition to our users.php script, add some functionality for the user to reset their password if they have forgotten it and then create a set of login pages that works with the database structure that we created in the first tutorial.


All the code for a full PHP log-in and confirmation suite is included with this tutorial!


Please note that this article forms part of a chapter in the DMXzone e-book PHP Web Applications for Dreamweaver: Juicy Solutions for the Busy Developer.

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