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PHP Basics 7: Connecting to a MySQL Database Support

Build a truly powerful website and be able to hand code the database operations.

Dreamweaver MX contains a number of server behaviors for connecting to a MySQL database and performing database operations, these can be quite limiting and if you want to build a truly powerful website you really need to be able to hand code the database operations yourself. Once you can do this all limits are removed and you're no longer limited in what you can achieve!


 This tutorial covers:

Building a Database 
Creating a table - users 
Adding Data to the Users table 
Working with a MySQL database 
Connecting to the MySQL Server 
Select Database 
Execute MySQL Query 
Close Server Connection 
PHP Commands for Working with the MySQL database 
Connecting to the MySQL Server 
Select Database 
Execute SQL Query 
Close Server Connection
Working Examples 
Reading Records from a Database 
Adding Records to a Database 
Modifying Records in a Database 
Deleting a Record from the Database

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Gareth Downes-Powell

Gareth Downes-PowellGareth has a range of skills, covering many computer and internet related subjects. He is proficient in many different languages including ASP and PHP, and is responsible for the setup and maintenance of both Windows and Linux servers on a daily basis.

In his daily web development work he uses the complete range of Macromedia software, including Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks MX and Director to build a number of websites and applications. Gareth has a close relationship with Macromedia, and as a member of Team Macromedia Dreamweaver, he has worked closely in the development of Dreamweaver, and was a beta tester for Dreamweaver MX.

On a daily basis he provides support for users in the Macromedia forums, answering questions and providing help on a range of different web related subjects. He has also written a number of free and commercial extensions for Dreamweaver MX, to further extend its capabilities using its native JavaScript API’s or C++.

As a web host, Gareth has worked with a range of different servers and operating systems, with the Linux OS as his personal favourite. Most of his development work is done using a combination of Linux, Apache and MySQL and he has written extensively about setting up this type of system, and also running Apache and MySQL under Windows.

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