MySQL: Exporting Data to Excel Support

So, your web site is all running nicely, and suddenly your boss wants a report on how many users in the database are aged between 30-35, or live in France, or visited in the last week. Of course, the site spec never had any reporting facility, and you'll be asked to produce custom SQL queries like this every time they have a marketing meeting to discuss leveraging synergies while thinking out of the box.

In this article, Allan shows you how to make the data easily exportable from a MySQL database into Excel, ready for Powerpoint loveliness, and then shows how you can bag up the code as a Dreamweaver Server Behavior for the next time the boss interrupts your game of Quake.

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Allan Kent

Allan KentAllan comes from Cape Town, South Africa. He has been implicated in writing for several WROX, glasshaus, Wiley and Apress publications, generally in the 'cool stuff that PHP can do' sections.

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