Beginner's SQL: CASE expressions Support

There's more to SQL than SELECT columns FROM tables, just as there's more to life than Go, Dog. Go!

SQL can, to someone learning it, seem incredibly difficult beyond the simplest statements. There's nothing wrong with simple SQL, though. Part of the art of SQL is getting complex results with simple statements. And as parents who have read this book many times can confirm, even Go, Dog. Go! is filled with subtlety, intrigue, beauty, power, wonder, infuriation, surprise, and joy, all while being written in simple language. Just like SQL.

This article describes CASE expressions and what you can do with them. The syntax is covered briefly, mainly because there's little to explain, since it's rather straightforward. At least, so it appears on the surface. Then come the examples, which reveal how comprehensive, powerful, yet simple your SQL can be with CASE expressions.

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Rudy Limeback

Rudy LimebackRudy Limeback is an independent consultant with over 20 years of SQL experience using DB2, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, and MySQL. Rudy is also a Web developer, Technical Editor at Digital Web, one of the original admins, with his own Web site since 1996. More information at Rudy lives in Toronto, Canada, where the weather allows you to play frisbee golf all year long.

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