SQL: Paging Support

In this tutorial, Rudy explores the SQL to accomplish paging of content drawn from a database and displayed on a Web site.  Paging can be done one item per page, such as for large articles or stories, or multiple items per page, such as for search results, when it is common to see, say, 10 per page.

By analyzing the performance dynamics of paging in general, and then exploring the specific SQL to carry it off, Rudy's tutorial will give you the confidence to implement paging on your own site.

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Rudy Limeback

Rudy LimebackRudy Limeback is an independent consultant with over 20 years of SQL experience using DB2, SQL Server, Access, Oracle, and MySQL. Rudy is also a Web developer, Technical Editor at Digital Web, one of the original evolt.org admins, with his own Web site since 1996. More information at r937.com. Rudy lives in Toronto, Canada, where the weather allows you to play frisbee golf all year long.

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