This is the third in Alex's gentle introduction to database-driven Flash application and in this article he's going to be adding an Update mechanism to the user management application he's been using as an example.

Again, Dreamweaver will be doing most of the hard work as we see how to create two Flash services to handle the update request sent from our Flash GUI and enable an update function on our existing Flash interface.

While doing this we'll see how to avoid the potential disaster of accidentally creating duplicates of the records that must stay unique (in our example this could happen when we try to modify the username field). We'll also be seeing a couple of tricks about Flash development including how to use Dreamweaver's Server Behaviours to our best advantage.

If you've missed out on the first article on creating a basic authentication mechanism, and the second on building a protected page that extracts information from the database, don't worry as the Flash and PHP source code for the article is available for download.