This is the last article in the series on developing Flash database-driven applications using Dreamweaver. Over the course of the articles we've been working on a simple user management application involving Flash on the front-end and PHP/MySQL on the back-end.

So far we have built a basic Flash interface (we've been concentrating mostly on the ActionScript code driving it rather than the aesthetics) and implemented some common web application functions.

In the first article we created a basic authentication mechanism, while in the second we built a protected page that extracted information from the database. Last week we expanded the functionality a bit further and added an update mechanism to the application.

All the way through the series we've been using Dreamweaver MX 2004 to do the hard coding work and have created a set of "Flash services" – web pages with server-side code which facilitate communication between our Flash interface and our database.

The subject of today's article is the enhancement of our application by adding the functionality that is obviously missing from our application – the ability to create and delete records.

All the Flash and PHP source code for the series is available for download.