How to validate forms with VBScript Part 1
by Vince Baker


For those of us that lean towards VBScript rather than JavaScript, form validation can be just as rewarding, well functional using VBScript.

As with all scripting languages there always seems to be many ways of achieving the same result so I picked the most simple and logical methods of validating form fields.

When to do the validating

The usual time and place to validate your form data is when the user has completed a form and is ready to submit that data for processing. Of course there are times when validation needs to take place before the user gets that far but we will cover that later on.

As a general rule, we will perform our validation when submission occurs and either stop the process if part of our validation criteria has not been met or let the process continue if everything is as we want.

So the trigger for our validation event will be on Submission or in VBScript language onSubmit (See how friendly VBScript can be?)

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RE: Part 2 ?
August 31, 2005 by Vince Baker
Available now Cliff.
Part 2 ?
July 22, 2005 by Cliff Mitchell

Have I missed part 2 of this article or is it still not available?



RE: Useful article
May 3, 2005 by Vince Baker

Hi Cliff,

You are right, this was aimed at the beginner level to explain the trigger action on form validation.

I am working on Part 2 now, hope to have it published for next week.



Useful article
April 29, 2005 by Cliff Mitchell
Very useful article although I think it is a bit much for 'beginners'. Where is part 2?