MySQL and Multiple Tables: Part 2
by Matt Machell

Last time we introduced designing a MySQL database with multiple tables in mind. We discussed the basics of how to put together some SQL to JOIN our tables together in useful ways. This tutorial follows on, looking a bit closer at using the database we created in Dreamweaver.

This time we're going to look at using some JOIN queries in a web application, using Dreamweaver MX 2004 and its server behaviours. Again we'll be using our CD database as an example. We'll also look at some of the functions we can use to group rows returned by our queries together.

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Matt Machell

Matt MachellA man of many talents, Matt has been a web designer, technical editor, and jewellery picker. He is currently on contract for the Birmingham City University, producing pages for research centres.

He has tech-edited a dozen books on web design and development for glasshaus, Apress and Sitepoint.

He likes music with loud guitars and games with obscure rules.

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Incomplete lesson or Change the Title
April 21, 2006 by Charles Brehm
Author only shows how to do basic SELECT statements; maybe the title should be changed to refelect that, something like Part 2 - SELECT from Multiple tables. I was disapointed; I was looking for information on how to Update multiple tables.
Doesn't finish the lesson
June 16, 2005 by Tim Berens
Author does not go on in this lesson or subsequent lesson to show how to delete records from multiple tables. Therefore, lesson incomplete.