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Moving from Library items to Includes in Dreamweaver

In the beginning there were Library items

One of the great things about using Dreamweaver is its ability to collect together all your images and code and make it available for you to reuse throughout your site.

Library items are a great example of this, they enable you to place code/design that you will use on a number of pages into a single file, then reference it from each page.

You simply have to update the Library file and Dreamweaver will update all the pages you have placed that Library item on.

Whilst Library items bring a benefit in this respect, the fact you have to upload every page that includes the Library item following an update can be time consuming, especially when using the Library item for the Navigation, which means every page in your site has to be uploaded again.

The ideal situation would be a file, which included your design/code and was ‘linked’ to from each page, but when you updated it, you did not have to upload every page, just the one file you had worked on.


- OR -


Includes; the efficient solution

This is where Includes come into their own, the code/design in your Include file is not placed in the pages you use it on, the page itself is referenced from the pages so that every time the page loads it grabs the Include file and pulls in the details.  So after you have made a change to this Include file and uploaded it, the next time someone views a page, which references the Include, the new details are shown.

For those who develop with databases within Dreamweaver will already be familiar with Includes, as Dreamweaver uses one to pull in the Connection file to the database on each page you create a recordset on.

Carl Grint

Carl Grint" Since graduating from university, I have worked with Charities and the Public sector, with my longest time being 3 years with the NHS until returning to freelance in 2003.

I would like to think my diverse experience of working for both the Public and Private sector gives me a good all rounding which enables me to approach projects with a unique perspective and enables me to bring new thoughts and initiatives to my work.

I have always enjoyed passing on the lessons I have learned so other developers can bypass the 'working out' time I had to go through, and writing my first two articles for DMXzone has given me a chance to pass on what I think are some good ways to improve on the standard Authentication behaviours Macromedia supply with Dreamweaver."

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