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How to find out if a record already exists in a database, If it doesn't Insert A New Record

NOTE! Now it is even easier to check if a record exists in your database, using App Connect Form Validator. Check the tutorial here: Check if a record exists in your database

I've seen this question posed many times in the ASP Q&A Messageboard... Typically this is done to determine if a user name already exists, common to many login required sites. Many people query the database and then check the values against the returned values through a loop of some sort. If they don't find it, they then add the record.

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Uploading files on a RaQ4 with Chilisoft/MySQL

File upload on a RaQ running MySQL/Chilisoft is relatively simple but has practical limitations that have been overcome on MS platforms using Pure ASP Upload. The key issue is that the CHili ASP engine on the RaQ will only allow a single file to be uploaded at a time and the VBScript used on the upload page prohibits the use of any other Response or Request handlers.

The method describes here allows a user to upload a chosen file to a folder location on the RaQ server. Ideally the file name should be changed from the browsed fileName to something shorter. It can then be accessed using a database call from the MySQL database whenever it needs to be displayed.


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PHP and Dreamweaver MX Continued

In this tutorial we will cover the following:

  • Creating Recordsets
  • Displaying Data
  • Creating New Records
  • Deleting Records
  • Editing and Updating Records
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    PHP and MySQL in Dreamweaver MX

    This tutorial will walk you through the following:

  •  Installing MySQL
  •  Set up of phpMyAdmin
  •  Creating your database
  •  Connecting to database
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    Date and Time functions 101

    A short reference document to some of the Date / Time functions in SQL Server.

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    Connecting Dreamweaver to MySQL & Chilisoft ASP

    A short tutorial on connecting to a MySQL database using Sun/Chilisoft ASP and Dreamweaver MX (or Ultradev 4).  Read More

    Upsize Access database

    A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial about upsizing a MS-Access database to SQL Server.

    The project used is the standard Access database that comes with the Learningsite command for Dreamweaver.

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    Scripting a Database

    A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial explaining how to script a complete database with roles and logins and all other objects for a future empty database that resides in a single .sql text file.

    The project used is the upsized Access database that comes with the Dreamweaver Learningsite command.

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    Index Tuning Wizard

    A short SQL Server 2000 tutorial explaining how to use the SQL Profiler in combination with the Index Tuning Wizard to optimize your database. Read More

    Alter a DB Online

    If you develop ASP Websites using an Access database, you have probably been faced with the need to change the structure of your database, so what do you do?  First you download your database to your local environment, then you make your changes, then you upload your changed database to your Web server.  Easy enough except sometimes this is not pratical, for instance:

    • Your website/database is in constant use
    • Uploading your database while someone is accessing it can have unpredictable results
    • Database transactions can be lost or corrupted
    • Your database is extremely large

    There is an alternative way to alter your database using ASP and SQL.  I will show you some basics:

    1. We will create a database table
    2. We will add a primary key to it
    3. We will add a unique index to it
    4. We will create a view or query
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