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Add captions to images with Flash Upload Control

Asked 24 Jun 2011 04:42:49
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24 Jun 2011 04:42:49 S A M posted:
Is there an easy way to allow the user to add captions to the files at the time of upload so they can be saved in a database along with the image name?


Replied 24 Jun 2011 09:30:22
24 Jun 2011 09:30:22 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello SAM,

Check this tutorial and especially the point number 4:
Replied 24 Jun 2011 15:07:09
24 Jun 2011 15:07:09 S A M replied:
Thank you for your prompt response; however, this would make all images have the same caption. What I need is for each image caption to be unique.
Replied 27 Jun 2011 09:01:30
27 Jun 2011 09:01:30 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello SAM,

Your observation is correct.
Unfortunately there is not easy way of achieving your goal. Perhaps a image by image upload and insert will be more relevant in your case.

Replied 28 Jun 2011 06:06:17
28 Jun 2011 06:06:17 S A M replied:
[] OK...((tears)) Perhaps there is another DMX extension that would allow this?? ((Hopeful))
Replied 28 Jun 2011 08:57:59
28 Jun 2011 08:57:59 Miroslav Zografski replied:
Hello SAM,

I wish I was able to give you a positive answer. However, this is not possible to have a multiple uploads ( with AMU or Flash control) and have a different caption for each image.

Once again I would suggest you to try the single image upload.


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