Social Networking Updates

The social networking scene changes constantly. In this article, Linda points to a few sites that have altered their formats – are the changes good or bad? Only you can decide...

How to Evaluate a Job Offer

The job market is slim right now, but some folks seem to have found their niches. How do you evaluate a job offer? In this article, Linda offers some tips on how to evaluate that job offer to learn whether or not it is right for you.

Self-Marketing Your Brand - Learning from Pros

An avid Mashable fan, Linda talks about a recent article about marketing brands for clients...and how you can apply some principles for yourself as you market your goods and services.

Fed Up with Hosting?

If you've invested in a hosting service and have decided, after this last malware attack, that you've had it up to here with hosting Web sites, Linda offers some alternatives for you in this article.

Why Use Audio in Your Blog?

If you've dreamed about becoming a radio personality, or if you have a message you think would be more insightful if read out loud, what's stopping you from adding audio (or a podcast) to your blog? In this article, Linda provides some examples and feedback on how audio can enhance your blog entries.

Spreading Your Blog Around like Butter

If you've thought about publishing your blog, how would you go about that project? In this article, Linda talks about some possibilities for spreading your blog around like butter.

Venture Capital, the Web, and Job Opportunities

In this article, Linda draws attention to Venture Capital and the mediums that seem to interest big money. In the process, she points to resources outside the ordinary to find job opportunities.

The Dark Side of Social Media

Linda becomes paranoid in this article, as she speculates on the darker side of social media and how it could, in the future, “own” its users.

Some Business Rules for Social Media

Do you invite Twitter “followers” to become friends on Facebook? Or, can you link up with LinkedIn business connections on Twitter? Of course, those links are possible – but do you really want to go there? In this article, Linda explores the barriers you might want to erect in your social media meanderings.

Infographics and Personal PR

Infographics, or information graphics, are making a comeback across the Web. Have you thought about using an infographic for your resume? Linda explores this option in this article.

Facebook: Privacy Issues You May Not Think About

Privacy issues have resurfaced with Facebook over the past few weeks, and Linda covers it all this week – including issues that have taken a back seat to the main Facebook privacy settings.

Tackling Facebook Again, Peppered with some Marketing

In this article, Linda goes into depth with some of the new Facebook changes, which may help you promote your business in a more efficient manner in this medium

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