What's New in Social Media

It's been a few weeks since Linda talked about social media. In this article, she expounds on some of the changes that have occurred at Twitter, Facebook and Ning...and, she introduces a few more sites that may help you network with other designers, future clients and even your geeky neighbour.

10 useful tools to develop, monitor, evaluate or debug web pages

When it comes to developing websites and pages we could all use a little help now and then when it comes down to the real detail. Fortunately there's a wide variety of tools on offer to developers that can be of use when it comes to developing, monitoring, evaluating and debugging web pages. Here are 10 which I've found useful over the years.

Google Wave: Changing the World as You Know It

While you may not have a Google Wave account yet, it may be just a matter of time before you're invited to join in on this new and exciting personal communication and collaboration tool. No matter if you're already involved or waiting to join in, you can pick up on some quick tips from this article.

Social Media Integration: Look Before You Leap

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed how far Facebook has gone in integrating with other platforms across the Web. LinkedIn , reportedly, is following suit. What do you do when total integration becomes available between businesses and social networks? This article looks at how some social media integration could cause problems for business owners – the advantage, however, is that you can look before you leap.

50+ Photo-Sharing Tips For Traffic and Against Theft

Do you think your photos (artwork, videos, etc.) are good enough to sell? If so, you might wonder about issues such as privacy, theft and the best SEO practices for sharing your photographs. In this article, Linda shares tips that anyone can use to bring attention to a site and to a graphic design or photography business. At the same time, she shares tips that can help protect you and your photos from theft, privacy concerns and more.

Adding Visuals to Your Communications

Photo-sharing, or the process of publishing digital photos online both privately and publicly, can enhance your business and social relationships. In this article, Linda provides links and ideas for professional graphic designers and photographers who want to share their work online.

Redefining Yourself Means That You're Growing...into what?

Linda began a new project this past week in efforts to brand herself and her career as a writer. In this article, she journals her process in developing this persona across several social media venues. Learn more about your progress in self-branding as Linda shares her problems and how she resolved them

Getting Into Marketing Your Business

What do you need to do, minimum, to stay on top of social media marketing for your design or development business? In this article, Linda lists free tools that can push your business to the top. The drawback? Your time for learning curves and to maintain activity.

A Design Wiki at Work

In the previous article, Linda talked about wiki fundamentals. This week, after scouring the Web for design wikis, she became discouraged and started a wiki for designers. Want to learn more? Read on...

A Wiki Primer

Social media is about 140 characters (Twitter), building work networks (LinkedIn), building cozy 'friend' and 'fan' relationships (Facebook) and more. But, what do you learn from all this interconnectivity? Would you like to build something more solid or participate in groundbreaking knowledge schemes? Then, learn more about wikis and what they can do for your credibility.

What's New in Social Media

Now that you're steeped in social media, have you kept up with any changes or developments in the tools you're using to promote your design skills? In this article, Linda provides links to articles, tools and information that may help build your social media presence and help you to avoid some pitfalls.

A Tool to Keep You Tied to Social Media

Now that you've developed a Web site foundation through a blog and have joined social media venues such as Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed, how do you tie them all together? In this article, Linda introduces WIBIYA, a tool that will make your social networking easier as well as help build traffic to your Web site.

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