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CMS Basics and Advanced HTML Editor 3

Content Management Systems allow someone with no computer programming skills and no website design experience to be able to add/edit content on a website. In this article Teodor Kuduschiev will guide you through the basic of the Content Management Systems and will show you why you need a database in order to use DMXzone's Dreamweaver extension - Advanced HTML Editor 3.

Pure ASP Upload 3 Review by James Threadgill, Part 2

If you’ve been following this tutorial series you already know I’m a big fan of DMXzone´s Pure ASP Upload 3. It’s a great tool, but I wanted more. I soon learned that if I wanted to get the most out of Dreamweaver---and tools like Pure ASP Upload 3, I would have fine tune the code generated by Dreamweaver and PU3 to expand the possibilities. I quickly found that with a little hand coding, I could develop web applications as powerful, feature packed, and as versatile as anything I could code by hand. And I could do it in a lot less time.

Pure ASP Upload 3 Review by James Threadgill

DMXzone’s Pure ASP Upload is one of the best Tools I have for creating dynamic web sites. I’ve been using it over ten years. But there’s never really enough? Is there? Dreamweaver is a great tool for creating dynamic website, but if you want to get the most out of Dreamweaver and tools like DMXzone Pure ASP Upload, you have to reach under the hood and get your hands dirty by fine-tuning your code. With a little hand coding, however, there is no reason your applications cannot be as powerful and feature packed as any available.

Nivo Slider Review by Günter Schenk

In this review Günter Schenk will investigate the quality and usage of the DMXzone Nivo Slider from DMXzone. He will show you how to create a Nivo Slider driven slideshow in less than 5 minutes.

Styling the DMXzone Nivo Slider

If you want to style your DMXzone Nivo Slider's thumbnails, captions, bullets and arrows by color and size, you can do that through the CSS and here you can see how to do that.

How Do I Make Content Editing Easy For My Clients?
As a web designer, in your daily workflow, you often face the never-ending content revisions requests from your clients. Usually those changes are limited to some point but wouldn't it be easier if they can just do it themselves? It will save you and them precious time and also will keep you focused on current projects. In this article we will review some of the best practices used in Web design for content editing, even for people that have no idea of HTML but yet very powerful and simple to use.
Editable Spry Table

In this article we will talk about creating "editable Spry Table" functionality where user can double-click directly inside a table cell and edit it just like an Excel spreadsheet. Clicking away will return the cell back to the "read-only" state and save the change to the database. In other words the change will be saved as soon as it has been made. You will learn how to build this functionality in Dreamweaver using standard Update Record Server Behavior and Spry Server Action object from Spry Data Utilities Toolkit.

Feed Genie Review by Gunter Schenk

In this review Gunter will investigate the quality and usage of the Feed Genie Dreamweaver extension from DMXzone. He will create a Picasa Web album as test case and dive more in the endless possibilities of Feed Genie.

An Image Viewer with the DMXzone Universal CSS Transforms Library

With this article Dan will introduce you the power of the Universal CSS Transforms Library for jQuery that was recently released to open source by the DMXzone team.

Data Mining Resources for Designers and Developers

Linda offers deals for designers and developers to mine their resources and to develop markets for products and services.

What Are You Doing with Your Data?

Do you have a list of prior customers or vendors? How do you compile that information, and do you use it to benefit your business? In this article, Linda begins to look at how data mining can help increase your sales and services.

What Geek Mama Wants for the Holidays

Are you a wimp when it comes to making out a wish list for the holidays? Let geek mama show you how to construct a wish matter your gender. You can also join DMXzone's Christmas wish list and receive some great discounts.

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