DMXzone Cordova Builder Manual

Learn how to work with DMXzone Cordova Builder extension

In this article we have nine extremely useful tutorials to teach you how to work with DMXzone Cordova Builder Dreamweaver extension. We covered everything from setting up your system for the extension to building apps for iOS, Android, Firefox OS, BlackBerry 10, Amazon Fire OS and Windows, both phone and desktop. All tutorials are also available in video format. If you experience any troubles with this tool, please write in the support forums or call our Live support during business hours.

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Advanced: Build iOS Apps with DMXzone Cordova Builder

 In this tutorial we will show you how to run your app in iOS Emulator or on your connected iOS device.

*You can also check out the video.

How to do it

  1. We've already set up a Cordova site for iOS so we are ready to populate our predesigned app in Dreamweaver. From the files panel (1) double click the index.html file (2).

  1. You've just loaded the app in Dreamweaver.

  1. We built a really simple and static app, using DMXzone Bootstrap 3, HTML5 Slideshow 2 and DMXzone Google Maps 2. Now switch to DMXzone Cordova Builder (1), select the virtual device to run the app on (2) and run the emulator (3).

  1. It takes a few seconds for the emulator to load. Now you can see how your app looks like.

  1. When you connect an iOS to your computer you can also run the app directly on it. Note that in order to be able to do this you need to have an iOS developer account. When you connect your device it will appear in the connected devices list. But before you do that you need to setup your iPhone or iPad in Xcode, click its icon in the DMXzone Cordova Builder panel.

  1. Your project is automatically loaded in Xcode (1). Now you need to make your iPhone or iPad available as a device. Click window (2) and select devices (3).

  1. You can see all the connected devices (1) and the apps, which are installed on them (2).

  1. Back in Dreamweaver, you can you can choose your connected device from the list and emulate it directly on it.  That's how easy it is to build your app and run it in iOS Emulator or on your connected iOs device.

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